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Wikimedia conference Netherlands

Opening speach by Jill Cousins

On the Saturday 5th of November there was a Wikimedia conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The conference was attended by around 120 persons, of which only around 40-50 were 'Wikipedians' Besides the Wikipedians there were a lot of persons from cultural organisations like museums, and there where some general Internet interested persons.

The conference was devided into three tracks: The Wiki-world track, the Incore Wikimedia track, and offcourse the Cultural heritage (GLAM) track. There was an general opening word from Jill Cousins, and at the end of the conference the Dutch winners from Wiki loves Monuments were anounced.

The Cultural heritage tracks

The Cultural heritage track was most of the time visited by a lot of proffesionals from the cultural heritage sector, and beside that some enthousiastic Wikimedians. There were 9 sessions/speakers during the day at the cultural heritage track:

GLAMwiki overview

Maarten Dammers gave an overview of past successes from around the world.

Wiki Loves Monuments

Some statistics and goals from Wiki Loves Monuments were presented by Maarten Dammers and Lodewijk Gelauff.

The benefits of donating collections;

Maarten Zeinstra, who was involved in the donation of the Spaarnestad photo collection from the donating side talked about the benefits and problems with donating a collection. With statistics from the use of the 1000 donated images, the Spaarnestad Photo collection was a specifically selected group of pictures.

Talk by Sebastiaan ter Burg
Creative Commons in use

Sebastiaan ter Burg (a proffesional photographer) releases all his pictures under a free Creative Commons license, he talked about the benefits and about things to watch out for. The business model works with a fee per hour, not per picture.

Open Beelden, open media platform

Johan Oomen talked about Open Beelden. Open beelden is a collection of videos where workes can be remixed. A lot of videos have been donated to Wikimedia Commons

Wikiwijs, use of open content in education

Wikiwijs is a project in which teachers can work together to create and mainly share lessons, most teachers have their own material and if it is good enough to be used in class? Why wouldn't it be good enough for other teachers to use in class? Speaker: Jan-Bart de Vreede

Discussion session

There was a discussion session between people working at GLAM's and Wikimedians.Some topics were: Donating a non-selected versus a pre-selected small collection. And the problem with exposure on wiki-articles where the image are being used.


Marjolein Beumer or Marie-France van Oorsouw talked about a wiki created by the heritage organisation from the city of Delft. A small wiki with 300 users about the city. The concept is that everybody sais the true, and articles are written in this way. An interesting thing is how their search tool is connected to the museums collection. On their Mediawiki site you can search the normal way, but it also shows results from the collection which can be dragged as pictures into articles.

Expedition project

Frank Meijer talked about the coöperation between the Tropenmuseum and Wikimedia. He also discussed his feature plans.

Wiki Loves Monuments

Winner from WLM 2011 in the Netherlands

After all the sessions the final results from Wiki Loves Monuments where anounced. Lodewijk gave a short introduction, and results were presented by jury member Basvb. Most of the winners could make it to Utrecht this year. The winner was a wonderful picture of a small village mood in the classical dutch village, Marken. More winners can be found here.

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