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Scholarly journal goes wiki; Open Access Media Importer takes shape

The English Wikipedia's article on circular permutation in proteins after the rewrite through PLoS Computational Biology .
Brunfelsia plowmaniana type specimen with QRpedia code in the place where the original image from the paper had the barcode of the New York Botanical Garden, where the specimen is kept. Access stats.

In March, the Wikimedian in Residence on Open Science project focused on the structuring of Open Access materials on Commons, on their use beyond the English Wikipedia and on development of the Open Access Media Importer. Tool testing continued but was hampered by persistent problems with the Toolserver.

PLoS Computational Biology publishes first article destined for Wikipedia

This month saw the publication of the first Topic Page (see January) in PLoS Computational Biology - an article in the journal that had been written specifically for the Circular permutation in proteins entry on the English Wikipedia (see blog post). The article had been drafted in a MediaWiki instance licensed under CC BY. Some screenshots:

A session proposal on the integration of journal and wiki workflows has been submitted for Wikimania.

QRpedia use in scholarly publishing

The press release about a new species of plant described in an article in the open-access journal PhytoKeys contained a QRpedia code pointing to Brunfelsia plowmaniana - the new species that had been diagnosed by way of DNA barcoding. Traffic stats: article, QRpedia. A session proposal on scientific GLAM:Wiki collaboration has been submitted for Wikimania.

Open Access Media Importer

Development on the Open Access Media Importer continued, and the contracts have been signed. Two blog posts detail the progress: the module for crawling PubMed Central's Open Access Subset is now functional and can identify supplementary materials from this set - or articles matching specific search terms - that are licensed compatibly with Wikimedia Commons.
The process works much like apt-get: for instance,
oa-cache list-articles pubmed | grep Malaria | grep ''
finds all Malaria-related papers licensed under CC BY. A session proposal on the Open Access Media Importer has been submitted for Wikimania.

WikiProject Open Access banner at PLoS Medicine
A juvenile Brookesia micra on the head of a match.


A News section on the homepage of Wikipedia:WikiProject Open Access provides project updates. The March entries were:

Ice age fauna of northern Spain - by Mauricio Antón

Open Access File of the Day

The following files have been featured as Open Access File of the Day in March:

Assessment table

  • The project now has 11 members (up from 8)
  • The project now has 149 assessed articles (up from 144):

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