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Welcome to my page!

Who am IEdit

Hello, Everyone. My name in real life is Shani Evenstein and I'm from Israel.

I work at Tel Aviv University [TAU], at Sackler School of Medicine and also teach, mainly children, English, Math, Piano and Yoga [not in that particular order.. :)].

I have a B.A. in English literature and French Culture, Faculty of Humanities, TAU, and am now working towards an M.A. in East Asian Studies [specifically India and Sanskrit], at TAU.

Have been studying and teaching Yoga since 2000.

Am also deeply involved with Project Ben-Yehuda, which is the Hebrew equivalent of Project Gutenberg.

What I'm doing in the wiki-worldEdit

After attending Wikimania in Haifa, I have joined the Hebrew Wikipedia community and became a member of Wikimedia Israel.

I'm especially interested in GLAM-Wiki and Wiki in Education.

The first project I've been involved with, is also the first GLAM-Wiki collaboration in Israel - a collaboration with the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, in which I serve as Project Coordinator.

Since that project, I've been very fortunate to coordinate other GLAM-Wiki projects in Israel, such as a collaboration with the National Library of Israel. These days, beside these two projects, I'm in contact with more GLAMs in Israel in the hope of jump-starting more collaborations and work in general towards raising GLAM-awareness.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend GLAMcamp Amsterdam on Dec. 2011, which was an unforgettable and enriching experience. :)

Community & CommunicationEdit

I try to update the international GLAM community once a month [or at least every two months] by writing in the GLAM newsletter.

I also try to update as well as follow all the wonderful things that are going on worldwide, via the Cultural-Partners mailing list.

You are always welcome to drop a line in my talk page or simply send an email to shani at

Other InterestsEdit


Music - almost all genres and forms

Art in almost all its forms, specifically Literature, Painting, Architecture, Interior Design, Cinema, Modern Dance and High fashion.

Yoga on its various branches - specifically Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vastu Shastra and Tantra.

Holistic medicine, Herbalism, Iridology, Feng Shui.