Easy tasks for aspiring Wikimedians

There have been many discussions about the difficulty of developing some competence in working on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. There are a range of things one must learn, from the technicalities of wiki code and software use, to solid research skills, to a cultural understanding of how our communities operate.

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Some people learn best by taking on small tasks with a list of clear instructions, and will be more inclined or able to learn after they have notched a few small successes.

This page is intended to collect suggestions and instructions for how to perform basic tasks; essentially a "beginner's cookbook" for Wikimedia projects.

Upload a photo to CommonsEdit

  • Who? This activity is recommended for what sort of contributor?
  • How? Basic instructions

Fact-check a WikiNews storyEdit

  • Who?
  • How?

Participate in a deletion discussion on WikipediaEdit

  • Who?
  • How?