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Bringing Wikipedia assignments into your classrooms gives your students the opportunity to be full members of a large and diverse knowledge community. In contrast to their standard term paper audience of one (you), successful students will have the opportunity to showcase their work on the Main Page, attracting hundreds — and in some cases, thousands — of readers. Wikipedia assignments give students an unparalleled opportunity to excel; the more effort they pour into Wikipedia, the more feedback they will get from the Wikipedia community.

Information for Educators

Do you want to give your students the chance to make a major impact and reach a real audience?
Start here: Download the brochure "Instructor Basics: How to Use Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool" for more information.
Find out what makes sense for your class.

Our Assignment Design resources, including the Instructor Basics: How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool brochure, can help you decide what sort of assignments are right for you. Our Example Syllabus can give you a concrete starting point for running major Wikipedia assignments, with appropriate milestones and links to introductory resources; we also have a collection of syllabi used by other instructors for a range of assignment types.

Our Materials for Teaching include sample exercises, instructional handouts, brochures and videos, and slideshows for giving presentations about Wikipedia. You can find out about other Wikipedia educational projects in the Case Studies section, including course pages for ongoing and recent Wikipedia assignments.

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Get support from the Wikipedia Ambassador Program!

If you'd like to do a major Wikipedia assignment, you may be able to work with Wikipedia Ambassador Program and Get Support in-person from Campus Ambassadors and/or on Wikipedia from Online Ambassadors. Together, you and your team of Wikipedia Ambassadors can guide your class to effectively improve Wikipedia and make lasting contributions to public knowledge.

Still not convinced? There are many reasons to use Wikipedia in the classroom!