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Hang Seng Management College


Contact: Venus Lui

Update (1 December 2015)

Wikipedia Education Program Workshop 1, Hang Seng Management College, 20150430

In March 2015, the pilot program began with an introductory talk to students in the School of Humanities at Hang Seng Management College. Approximately 25 students attended. After the talk, students knew more about what Wikipedia is and how the education program would work. 16 students expressed interest in joining the program. The pilot began in March 2015. The students are required to edit articles related to literature and linguistics on English Wikipedia. Their target is to work on the articles during the summer months after the class has ended and to complete their article by August 2015.

At the end of the Program, we collected 17 entries from the students, mainly related to linguistics. All the entries are informative and we are so happy to have the students participating in the program.

Here is the list of the articles the students edited in the Wikipedia Education Program.

  • Suffix
  • Gender in English
  • Articulatory phonetics
  • Fricative consonant
  • Manner of articulation
  • Schwa
  • Speech organ
  • Stress and vowel reduction in English
  • Part of speech
  • Finite verb
  • Turn Constructional Units
  • Contrastive Analysis
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Turn-Taking
  • Deixis
  • Order of Acquisition

Past Activities


Education Toolkits for Liberal Studies

  • Education Toolkits for Liberal Studies is a project which set up a set of toolkits for secondary schools students
  • To promote correct usage of Wikipedia as a knowledge gateway and to encourage them to share their knowledge to Wikimedia projects eventually.
  • In the new syllabus of Hong Kong High School, Liberal Studies has been added as the compulsory subject. The Liberal Studies is a subject that requires students to find the information themselves and without the help from teachers as much as possible, a.k.a. Independent Enquiry Study (IES).
  • As Wikipedia is the 4th popular website and a major site for user to share and get knowledge for free, it is really necessary for us to teach Hong Kong students how to use Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Projects wisely, to get the information beyond the Wikipedia articles, by clicking to the links in the footnote, and using the current tools of the Wikipedia itself to analyze information.
  • Such toolkit is to promote the message, don’t just believe in Wikipedia, please use it to search and analyze.
  • Our target users are secondary school students and teachers.
  • It is impossible to launch this project without the annual fund from the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Liberal Studies aims to achieve objectives include developing students’ critical and exploratory thinking in order to prepare them for life-long learning. The curriculum highlights “multiple perspective thinking” and requires students to develop critical thinking and make judgments.
  • In general, LS requires students to develop multiple perspective thinking and make quality judgments, sounding very much like a cultural studies or social studies curriculum.
  • The curriculum requires students to conduct an “Independent Enquiry Study” (IES) LS covers six modules, namely;
    • Personal Development & Interpersonal Relationships
    • Hong Kong Today
    • Modern China
    • Globalization
    • Public Health
    • Energy Technology and the Environment
  • This project received a minimal one-off kick-off grant from Wikimedia Foundation which enables us to create the first English version of the toolkit.
  • Only a limited number of the toolkit will be printed.
  • With more donations, we can design a tool-kit with more variations, more elements to raise reader’s interest, and even a tool-kit in various format.
  • Also with sufficient funding, we can even have better support to schools, like providing more materials to support teachers to using such toolkit with students.
  • A Liberal Studies Article Prize will be held. We are looking for sponsors to provide prizes for the winner of the event.

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