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User:Sara Mörtsell (WMSE), Education Manager Wikimedia Sweden, paid staff.

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Our program has been running since 2012 and we are steadily building our network with institutions throughout the Education system. We now have an updated training module in place introducing the course pages extension on Wikipedia. Wikimini is a useful tool for children and their teachers to understand Wikipedia and free licenses. We have worked with key educators in a variety of educational contexts, k-12, higher education, Swedish for immigrants program, International training programs targeting developing countries, and the Swedish non-formal educational system for lifelong learning.


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Trainings on WikiversityEdit

  • WikiWelcome a portal on Swedish Wikiversity for 200 students, 2017.
  • 3 courses on Swedish Wikiversity. 1 for teachers in high-school, one for ambassadors, and one training module for teachers and learners in the SFI-program, 2013.

Open Badges in 2014Edit

In 2014, we started issuing open badges for educators and students to recognize their skills and merits.

Wikipedian-in-Academy 2013Edit

  • 1 Wikipedian as staff at a university to support Phd & research students, 2013.

SFI: Swedish for Immigrants 2013Edit

  • One year project with three teachers teaching adult immigrants Swedish, 2013.
  • Resource for teachers and students in the SFI program on Wikiversity, 2014.

Ambassador training in 2013Edit

  • A few people have gone through the ambassador-training and are now able to support in their educational setting.

Wikimini launched in 2013Edit

We encourage schools to get involved in Wikimini ( the free Swedish encyclopedia for children, year 1-7. Wikimini was successfully launched in 2013 and now has a small body of initial content that we can build on with educators in order to support an emergent Wikimini community.

Training modules on Swedish WikipediaEdit

Implementing the now defunct Course Extension.

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