Equipo del proyecto Wikipedia en la Educación 2013-2014 en la sede del IPES, lugar de reunión semanal de trabajo.

Program Contacts

  • Fernando Da Rosa Morena. Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences at the Universidad de la República, Hospital de Clínicas. Director of Project Wikipedia in Education, CFE-Plan Ceibal.
  • Roxana Sordo. Professor of Wikipedia in Education, CFE-Plan Ceibal
  • Mercedes Villalba. Professor of Wikipedia in Education, CFE-Plan Ceibal
  • Melody García. Professor of Wikipedia in Education, CFE-Plan Ceibal
  • Maycol Pérez. Professor of Wikipedia in Education, CFE-Plan Ceibal

Program Description


The "Wikipedia in Education" is a project that began late 2012, and will be developed this year 2013 and next year. According to the results we may be able to continue it after 2014.

In Uruguay with CFE and CEIBAL support we are developing a project on the subject Wikipedia in Education. CFE is the Consejo de Formación en Educación; the Board of Education. is socio-educational portal of Plan Ceibal (A gateway to hundreds of learning objects).

Uruguay has 32 Teacher Training Institutes CFE dependent, with a total of 2,671 teachers, between teachers and teachers and 20,391 total students. These institutes train all teachers in primary and secondary education in our country.

By involving teacher training students through activities conducted in conjunction with teachers, through a range of activities, involving teacher educators in reflection on the educational use of Wikipedia, this will in turn stimulate the use of Wikipedia in the processes of teaching and learning.

The aim is to provide the theoretical, methodological and technical, aimed at fostering the development of skills for the use of Wikipedia, by its use, critical reading and editing, creating collaborative workspaces using wiki technology.

Additional Information

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