Education/News/April 2020/Fact checking tool with library under cc-license

Fact checking tool with library unter cc-license

Author: Elly Köpf (WMDE)

Summary: Wikimedia Deutschland along withe Berlin Central Library and eBildungslabor developed a fact checking tool.

Faktencheck tool was developed by the Berlin central library (ZLB) together with Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE) and the digital education network eBildungslabor. The aim is to have a tool, that helps users in 4 steps to rethink their own behaviour about using information in the internet. The idea was based on a tool from Mike Caulfield called "Check-Please". We tried to adapt it to the german context and to help a library to publish an open licensed tool within their digital offers. It was a very interesting process and we are very happy to share this now with you:

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