Education/News/April 2020/Wiki-school project with Wikimedia Poland

Wiki-school. A new program for teachers in Poland

Social Media channels or hashtags: #WikimediaPolska #Wikischool #Wikiszkoła #WikimediaPoland

Summary: The pilot part of the project Wiki-school started in March 2020, being the main element of the new educational strategy at Wikimedia Poland.

We want to encourage schools to permanently introduce Wikipedia classes into the curriculum. We will build new model of cooperation together with teachers. 13 schools from various cities in Poland applied for the project. Leaders from the schools are mainly Polish Literature teachers: enthusiasts of using tech-tools in education and modern teaching methods. We have also recognized authors of textbooks, award-winning educators and educational bloggers in our group. As part of the strategy, the specific objectives of the program have been formulated: ● Objective 1 Creating participatory methods of educational tools for conducting pilot lessons/classes on digital competences using Wikipedia in Polish language classes and / together - IT and/or history. ● Objective 2 To increase knowledge and significantly increase teachers' competence in teaching key digital competences ● Objective 3 Strengthening pro-social attitudes in student communities and teaching staff participating in the school program ● Objective 4 The permanent presence of grafted knowledge and tools in the school's program and ecosystem We are currently organizing meetings as planned online, and we will probably go to our summer camp in person ... in winter.