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Educational wiki-master-classes at International "Selet" forum


Author: Timerkhan, (Tatar Wikipedia)

Presentation of a group's work
Presentation of a group's work

Summary: This summer I organized 4 master classes (2 at 6th July & 2 at 17th July) at Selet International Educational Forum. Total coverage of master classes: about 100 children from Tatarstan and other regions of Russia. I also invited boys & girls to take part in autumn session of Selet WikiSchool.

My master class consisted of two parts: theory and practice. In the first part, I told children about the history and development of Wikipedia, the principles of Wikimedia RU, the development of the Tatar Wikipedia (my presentatio:МК_Вики_дөньясы.pdf ). During the practical part participants divided into 4 groups, were given the task to draft a Wiki article on the book issued to them. The task was given 15 minutes, after that groups presented their work.

Next step - autumn educational session of Selet WikiSchool.

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