Education/News/August 2020/Collaboration between Karvachar Armath laboratory and Karvachar’s Wikiclub as a new educational platform for the teenagers

Collaboration between Karvachar Armath laboratory and Karvachar’s WikiClub as a new educational platform for the teenagers

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Summary: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the non-formal education coordinators try different ways to make the period more beneficial for their students. The coach of Karvachar Armath lab Davit Yeghiazaryan launched a collaboration between the lab and Karvahcar's Wikiclub. Due to the collaboration, nine articles on computer programming are added to Armenian Wikipedia.

Karvachar Armath laboratory exists for already three years. The teenagers here are taught the basics of programming and 2D and 3D graphics.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Armath laboratories have suspended all offline events, meetings, and training. The whole work is done online. To make the distant work more interesting and to get more knowledge and skills, the coach of Karvachar Armath laboratory Davit Yeghiazaryan launched a collaboration with Karvachar’s WikiClub. The collaboration intended creation of articles on Wikipedia by the young students of the laboratory who are Wikipedia editors at the same time. The teenagers edited articles about the programs with which they work at the laboratory.

Davit Yeghiazaryan said,

Due to this collaboration, the students have translated articles from English Wikipedia, and enriched their thematic vocabulary, had the opportunity to know better those programs, to revise the skills they had.

Nune Azaryan, a teenager editor said,

During the translations, we learned and revised many new terms, and improved our editing skills, and knew some new tools as well.

Due to this collaboration, nine new articles were added to Armenian Wikipedia about computer programming, all of them were translated from English Wikipedia.

As to Davit Yeghiazaryan, the collaboration with Karvachar’s WikiClub will be continuous. Davit said,

The students have the opportunity to write specified articles and it is beneficial both for them and for the encyclopedia. The students get some professional knowledge and also use their knowledge while translating and the encyclopedia is enriched with important articles written by the editors who are engaged in those topics.