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Corfupedia records local history and inspires similar projects


Author: Marios Magioladitis


CorfuPedia, a school project with the main purpose of introducing students to Wikipedia, via creating new articles about the local history of the island of Corfu, was organised in cooperation with Wikimedia Community User Group Greece. The participants were 106 students, 4 teachers of informatics, 4 teachers of Greek language and literature, 2 English language teachers, 2 French language teachers, and a German language teacher. User group members provided constant support and organised online Wikipedia tutorials via Skype. Corfupedia resulted in bringing students in contact with their local history and in the creation of articles about Corfu in multiple languages.

The results of CorfuPedia were presented in October at the 3rd International Conference For The Promotion Of Educational Innovation held in Larisa, Greece. The project caught attention in Greece as an example of how to involved Digital Humanities in the school process (for more details see here). It won a Silver Award in the Educational Business Awards 2017 and an award in the 1st Competition of Student Innovation in Corfu Greece. It also received mass media coverage. Turkish colleagues were inspired and in November Kusadasipedia was initiated as a school project to record the local history of the historical city of Kusadasi, Turkey.

More information (in Greek) about the project.

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