Education/News/December 2017/Updates to Programs & Events Dashboard

Updates to Programs & Events Dashboard


Author: Sage Ross

Summary: There are new updates to the P&E Dashboard features.

  • You can create a 'private' program, which can only be seen by that programs facilitators and by dashboard admins. Participant usernames will not appear in the user list for associated campaigns.
  • The downloadable CSV of course stats now includes retention counts, as well as per-wiki breakdowns of edit count, articles edited, and articles created.
  • For the 'ArticleScopedProgram' type, you can now track entire categories, or articles that include a specific template, instead of just tracking 'assigned' articles.
  • Outreachy intern Candela Jiménez Girón has started her project to improve the dashboard for Art+Feminism 2018
  • If you are enrolled in an editathon, you can run a manual update of the statistics by just clicking in a button from the course actions. This will provide more accurate information of the last revisions that took place.