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Wiki Camp Berovo 2017


Author: Violetova

Participants at Wiki Camp Berovo 2017
Editing together
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Summary: Wiki Camp Berovo 2017 took place on the weekend of 15-17 December 2017, in Berovo, Republic of Macedonia. The participants were 55 underage students from 10 different schools all over Macedonia. As a result: two new Wiki Clubs were started and more than 200 new articles were created.

In the days 15 - 17 December 2017, GLAM Macedonia organized Wiki Camp for underage students, for editing articles on Macedonian Wikipedia. Overall, the camp was a huge success regarding the stated goals and expected outcomes. The level of engagement and interest of the students came up with more than 200 newly created articles on the

As a direct or indirect result of the Camp, two new Wiki Clubs were started. One of the new Clubs that was opened and started was Wiki Club Ohrid. The idea of opening a Wiki Club Ohrid was initiated during the Conference for teachers held in October 2017, but the realization of the idea was during the Wiki Camp 2017. The students from WIki Club Ohrid that participated in WIki Camp Berovo were trained about the editing process and the coordinator of Wiki Club Ohird was more than happy to materialize the idea proposed in October.

Participants were 55 underage students, all coming from 10 different schools, from various different cities. The participant in the Wiki Camp were very happy and satisfied to take part in the project Their feedback is extremely positive and their willingness to participate in another camp was obvious. The teachers that accompanied the students are looking forward to continue collaboration with GLAM Macedonia in the future activities and projects.

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