Education/News/July 2020/WoALUG and Canadian Institute of Technology write about women in tech

WoALUG and Canadian Institute of Technology write about women in tech

Author: Odeta

Wikimedians of Albanian Language UG in Tirana and Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) host their first 3day edit a thon together.

As a part of the project, young girls currently enrolled in high-school or university were introduced to historically famous women in the field of computing. Due to the fact that a huge gap exists in terms of articles regarding women in Wikipedia, specifically only 17% of the articles are about women and only 15% of the contributors are women contributors, we though that it would be a good idea to give a chance to the participants at being Wikipedia contributors. Furthermore, due to the fact that the project is conducted in English, as it is in accordance with the official curricula of the Canadian Institute of Technology in Tirana, all our participants are fluent in English and decided to contribute by bringing the information closer to the Albanian speaking community.

All participants were new on editing and they were introduced with the translation tool. This was our first event together with CIT, as a test to see the potential of Wikipedia and how we together can use it on daily classes.

The event was done in two parts, the first day was an introduction between mentors and participants. We discussed about technology gender gap and Wikipedia. The announcement on CIT facebook page.

Then, the participants had 4 days to explore around Wikipedia and to send us the questions, if they had any. Then for 3 days we ran the edit a thon. To collect the results, we used Outreach Dashboard, and in 3 days, 29 editors wrote 54 articles. See here.

We are discussing to host another event, which will be related to technology that they are learning during classes.

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