Education/News/February 2019/The Swiss Lab: Wikipedia as a game

The Swiss Lab: Wikipedia as a game

Author: Ilario Valdelli, Education programme manager (WM CH)

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In 2019 Wikimedia CH began a partnership with the faculty of Pedagogy of Locarno (Switzerland) for a series of events related to workshops to be organized with teachers and their students. The workshops are held in the beautiful setting of the Locarno Palacinema and go by the name of #theLab. The goal are the Digital humanities and, in addition to being a supporter of the laboratories, Wikimedia CH also participates in the activities related to the information literacy.

The first information literacy workshop was held on January 21st with a middle school class. The students where divided into four teams and participated in a series of research activities to win a final prize.

Between virtual treasure hunts, search for fake news and other activities, the students and teachers had a lot of fun and the initiative was a big success. This concept will then repeated on March 2019 with a primary school.