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Project Wikipedia in Education in Uruguay. Development and scope of the project in its second stage.

Participants of the event

At this very moment, in Montevideo, Uruguay, we are carrying out the second part of the "Wikipedia in Education” project, of which I am the Director. At this stage it is addressed to all secondary school teachers in the country. Right now I am working with six teachers who are reproducing the project throughout the country.

The "Wikipedia in Education” project began in November of 2012, with a conference that I gave at LATU (Video of said presentation, with English subtitles: )

At that time we had just 264 registered Wikipedians in Uruguay, today (based on data from September 2018) we have 1,681, in part thanks to this project. This implies a quantitative change, but also qualitative, given that the new registered Wikipedians are teachers, with all that that implies. The project aims to achieve greater participation of teachers and students in the production of content.

Work on the topics of:

  • Relevance
  • Categorization
  • Outsourcing of created articles
  • At the same time, it tries to:
  • Favor critical thought, analysis and consideration of sources.
  • Offer spaces for the appropriation of technology.
  • Reflect on its pedagogical use.

The beneficiaries of the project are teachers of the CES (Council of Secondary Education) belonging to 42 centers of the 6 regions of the country.

Currently, this stage, which has been going for two years, has seen activities been carried out in the following institutions:

  • Highschool 1 of Treinta y Tres
  • Highschool 2 of Treinta y Tres
  • Departmental Highschool of Minas
  • La Floresta High School
  • Parque del Plata High School
  • Highschool 2 of Pando
  • CeRP of the South
  • Departamental Highschool of Tacuarembó
  • Highschool 7 of Rivera
  • Tupambaé Highschool (Cerro Largo)
  • CeRP of the North (Rivera)
  • Highschool 1 of Colonia del Sacramento
  • Highschool 1 of Fray Bentos
  • Highschool 1 of Florida
  • Highschool 1 of San José
  • Departamental Highschool of Maldonado
  • Highschool 4 of Maldonado
  • Workshop Inspectors of subject
  • San José CeRP
  • Cátedra Alicia Goyena

The idea is to continue with the project, or as the saying goes: "the drop of water pierces the rock, not by its strength, but by its determination". By the end of the year we hope to inaugurate a physical space in the center of our capital, Montevideo; also for year’s end or the beginning of the next one, we are going to publish a book on Wikipedia in Education that is already written and fleshed out, soon we’ll send it to be edited in style, and besides being printed in Spanish and English, it will be free and available as a PDF.

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