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The WikiClub contributes to the development of our human qualities


Author: Nare Vardumyan, Dato Abuladze, Violla Mosikyan (Wikimedia Armenia)

Alaverdi Wikiclub members' group photo, 16 November 2018

Summary: The article tells about the impact of WikiClubs on the person's development and personal qualities.

What do the youth of today need to fill their day and meanwhile to enrich their knowledge? To answer this question the WikiClub arrived our town - Alaverdi and proved that the club is for that purpose.

If I'm asked what the WikiClub is, I'll describe it in the following way; "At first the WikiClub is a family, where good mood, care and solidarity dominate. One has a great opportunity to find new friends here". And in practical term the WikiClub is an endless source of knowledge. And in order to use it you must work and share your result with everyone. And sharing what you have created and learned with others is a quality itself. It means that the WikiClub promotes the development of human qualities.

The WikiClub proved that everyone has the right to have his/her own article in Wikipedia. It is available to everyone, and that’s what I place great importance on, as creating self-assurance and self-confidence in a young man is one of the most important things today.

In addition to all this, the WikiClub welcomes us in provinces, which promotes the youth engagement in various interesting and knowledgeable activities in provinces, and, why not, it contributes to reveal new cadres. In fact, the WikiClub is a family, where you can reveal yourself and what interests you.

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