Education/News/January 2019/We've updated the design of Education space!

We've updated the design of Education space!


Author: Sailesh Patnaik

Tags: ;Education Updates ;Wikimedia Foundation

New Wikimedia Education logo

Summary: We have updated the design of Education space on Outreach, and added various new pages to the design, for Wikimedians and Educators to access the resources available and understand the Wikimedia Education movement.

In the November 2018 newsletter, we shared a Google form to understand the opinion of community members on the revamping of Education space on Outreach Wiki. Incorporating some of the suggestions given to us from both the Google form and the results of the survey we conducted in September-October 2017, we have updated the design of the Education space.

The design includes the new Wikimedia Education logo, with seven tabs in the navigation template, which will help both the newcomer and the long term volunteer to access different resources on the Education space according to their needs. Each tab is categorized by the kind of resources it includes, which can further be accessed by the sub tabs and/or intra-wiki or inter-wiki links.

Currently, the majority of the pages have a default template and an under construction tag. In the coming months, the Education team with the help of different volunteers and affiliates with expertise on Wikimedia projects and Education will populate these pages with new or updated resources. We’re also adding a Meta like Connect space for Education. Stay excited to see more changes in the Education space!

The old resources of the Education space can still be accessed in the archive, and we’re still in the process of moving most of the old pages to the archive.