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WikiClubs participate in edit-a-thon of cartoons


Author: Armen Mirzoyan, Violla Mosikyan (Wikimedia Armenia)

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Summary: The article is about the edit-a-thon that took place in November among the editors of Wikimedia Armenia WikiClubs.

Third edit-a-thon between the WikiClubs of Wikimedia Armenia took place from November 5 to 22, which was dedicated to cartoons. The aim of the edit-a-thon is to develop the theme of cartoons in the Armenian Wikipedia. The editors of the competition should translate articles about cartoons into Armenian from the Russian Wikipedia.

The coordinator of the edit-a-thon of cartoons Armen Mirzoyan says, that the members of Lernapat and Karvachar WikiClubs had already been writing about cartoons. Realizing their pleasure of writing Armen suggested to turn it into a competition inside the WikiClub. He also mentions that the topic was already welcomed by the club leaders. ‘’I’m very pleased with the edit-a-thon. I'm also content with the fact that it did not become compulsory and something making the club members tired” says Armen and adds, that the very easiness of the topic has led to the high quality of the Armenian articles. According to the coordinator the fact that some articles had poor quality depended on the bad condition of the Russian articles.

The member of the Hatsik WikiClub Lilit Khachatryan proves that she enjoyed participating in this project. It not only allowed her to improve the knowledge of the Russian language, but also to get acquainted with many cartoons, about which she had never had an idea before. ‘Besides there was another positive thing; at the end of each cartoon I learned something new, which naturally will help me to make right future orientation’ says Lilit and adds, that she wishes that there were much more of such educational edit-a-thons.

Translating foreign-language articles about cartoons into Armenian was an important motivation for a member of the Goris WikiClub Ani Abgaryan. She tells us that the pleasure of translating articles was double, as not only the articles were widely available, but also she had an opportunity to present her children the fairy tales in a new way.

There are club members, which took their first steps of editing in this edit-a-thon. Samvel Badadyan from Togh WikiClub mentions the fact proudly and marks, that he is very happy to get acquainted with Wikipedia within the framework of the project . ‘I think this edit-a-thon is a perfect way of combining pleasure with useful things.’ says Samvel and adds, that while writing about his watched and favorite cartoons he recalled the interesting episodes. In spite of her busyness a participant of the same WikiClub Elen Avetisyan always finds time for watching cartoons. She happily mentions that the edit-a-thon organized in Wikipedia was another opportunity for her to do her favorite work. ‘That’s right, I’m not watching cartoons, but I’m translating the articles about them, however I get much more pleasure from it. Besides enjoying I could also choose the articles, which I translated and continue to translate very easily.’’

A member of Alaverdi WikiClub, Pavel Sahakyan, participated in the edit-a-thon with a great excitement, as the latter gave him another opportunity to have a kind and interesting worldview. “Sometimes cartoons are like our life. They have both happy and sad moments.” says Pavel and adds, that he wishes, that in real life good won over evil like in cartoons.

In general during the edit-a-thon of cartoons over 102 editors created created 270 articles. Below is the infographics depicting the clubs’ articles.

As it was often mentioned, Wikimedia Armenia is going to make educational edit-a-thons and events continuous, meanwhile doing their best to combine the pleasant and useful.

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