Education/News/January 2020/Featured education community member of January 2020

Author: Sailesh Patnaik

Social Media channels or hashtags: #EduWikiLeaderSeries

Summary: Starting November 2019, we are highlighting a Wikimedian who is impacting or who has been impacted by Wikimedia & Education work. For January, In this article meet Parvathi Sri, a teacher and a Wikimedian, using Wikipedia and its sister projects as a tool for digital literacy and for awareness.

Parvathi Sri

This month's nomination comes from Dr. Manavpreet Kaur, who introduces us to Parvati Shri:

"Parvathi Sri is a Wikimedian from Indian state of Tamil Nadu. She is an amazing wikimedian. Apart from her contribution to Tamil Wikimedia projects, she has been doing various outreach and trainings for students and teachers introducing them to Wikimedia projects. She was celebrated by the Government of Tamil Nadu for her contribution to education.

She has been conducting Wiki trainings for School teachers in Tamil Nadu. And has been successfully running an education program in a local school for underprivileged children, she started this initiative long before it was labelled as an education program. She was a very active member of Wiki Women for Weillbeing, a project aimed on creating content related to serious women health issues, where she not only organized edit-a-thon but also organized an awareness camp for rural women.

We can all learn a lot from her journey as a Wikimedian and teacher. A teacher is someone who acts as a bridge and helps you connect to right places and people and she is exactly doing that. She also shared her experiences during SAARC education conference and that made me realised that her work should be shared with the world."

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