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Wiki Club Ohrid grows

Author: NatasaNedanoska

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Summary: Wiki Club Ohrid started several months project about rare diseases.

Natasha Nedanoska, GLAM Macedonia Education Coordinator in Ohrid, is main coordinator of Wiki Club Ohrid, where primary and secondary school students are trained in editing and creating Wikipedia articles in Macedonian. Members of the Wiki Club Ohrid, from September 11, 2019, also hold meetings in the premises of OO Red Cross - Ohrid, every Wednesday from 13:30 to 14:30, under my direction. The Wiki Club was first a school club that operated only in the premises of the Koco Racin primary school in Ohrid. From this year this wiki club has become a city club with students from other elementary and high schools.

On 4 December 2019, members of Wiki Club Ohrid had a meeting with Gordana Loleska, a civic activist in the Movement for Rare Diseases in Macedonia and a member of the Life with Challenges association in Macedonia. At the meeting, the members of the Wiki Club Ohrid were introduced to what it means to be a rare disease, what challenges they face and how much they are represented in Macedonia. After a brief research we came to the conclusion that on Macedonian Wikipedia those diseases are present in a small number. The decission was made: Wiki Club Ohrid to supplement Wikipedia in Macedonian with articles on those diseases.

There was several activities in this project. On 15 December 2019, with the support of the Red Cross of Ohrid, in the village of Ramne, near Ohrid, in the premises of the Church of St. Ilija, with the members of the Wiki Club Ohrid Natasa Nedanoska run an editorial marathon dedicated to rare diseases. The group researched, edited articles, wrote completely new ones, and uploaded them to Macedonian Wikipedia.

This process is expected to take a long time, and a roundup would be expected on the occasion of the World Day of Rare Diseases in February 2020. The goal for Wiki Club Ohrid is to join with their own contribution about the rare diseases in Macedonian language, so that everyone has access and opportunity to be informed. In the future Natasa nedanoska as coordinator of Wiki Club Ohrid, plans to collaborate with other associations in order to choose topics that will be written and edited on Macedonian Wikipedia.