Education/News/January 2020/Wiki Masuk Sekolah (Wiki Goes to School) Involved the Students in Producing and Sharing Knowledge Through Wikipedia

Wiki Masuk Sekolah (Wiki Goes to School) Involved the Students in Producing and Sharing Knowledge Through Wikipedia

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Summary: Wikimedia Indonesia collaborated with 5 universities and high schools in Wiki Masuk Sekolah.

Wikimedia Indonesia’s program, Wiki Masuk Sekolah (WMS) or Wiki Goes to School in English, has ended in November 2019. The program for this semester lasted from August 2019-November 2019. There were three steps involved prior to the realization of the program, which are the preparation stage, the implementation, and the evaluation stage. These stages were done by the volunteers and guided by the Coordinator of Wikimedia Indonesia’s Education Program. At the end of the project in each institution, we instructed the students to submit a number of articles as a part of their assignments. These articles were then evaluated by our volunteers and the grades were then submitted to the teachers.

Up to this time, Wikimedia Indonesia has collaborated with 3 universities, they are Universitas Andalas (UNAND) in Padang, West Sumatra, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) in Yogyakarta, and also Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta. Besides collaborating with those universities, there were also collaborations with some high schools, in which WMS became a part of their extracurricular programs. They are SMAN 6 Padang (Padang 6 Senior High School) in Padang, West Sumatra and SMAN 1 Cisarua (Cisarua 1 High School) in Cisarua, West Java.

In this year’s WMS, UNAND has the most classes that are integrated with the WMS program. In total, there are 3 classes that we handled for the WMS program and 93 students. All of the WMS program focused on Minangkabau Wikipedia. Pramono, the lecturer-in-charge for those 3 classes said,

Through the knowledge sharing activity in Wikipedia, we hope that our university can also contribute to the society in providing and accessing knowledge freely. We may not present in person, but we can still play a role in providing a valid scientific information [by contributing through Wikipedia].”

Wikimedia Indonesia will continue with the same program in 2020. The program will involve the same communities, but hopefully there are more different partners to collaborate with, because we aim to introduce Wiki projects not only to a few but to many other Educational institutions. We hope that by reaching out to many Educational institutions, they will also be aware of our purpose to spread free knowledge together and will also be interested to contribute to the movement.



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