Education/News/July 2019/SEABA school in India has hired a Wikimedian to teach Wikimedia project in their school

SEABA school in Punjab, India has hired a Wikimedian to teach Wikimedia project in their school.

Summary:Jagseer S Sidhu (talk · contribs) joined SEABA International Public School, Lehragaga as a full-time Wikimedian-in-residence and started from April 2019.

The students from backward areas don’t have access to resources and also have limited information to their curriculum. This makes their learning dull and boring.The school is located in a rural area, but the management is really devoted to providing different opportunities for students to help them grow and to prepare an informed youth for the future and for the development of the students management has hired a Wikimedian to teach Wikimedia project in their school. From April 2019 Jagseer S Sidhu started teaching school students about Wikimedia projects and also assist them in contributing to various projects. The goal of this project is to teach students “How to study” rather than focussing on “What to study”. The program will prepare them to how to use the internet and information more productively, how to identify reliable resources and how to be neutral in expression of facts and statements on a public platform.

  • To introduce the Wikimedia projects to students, which involves collaborative work, research skills etc.
  • To help the students to enhance their digital skills, to do a critical evaluation of information, consumption, and creation of open knowledge resources.
  • To enrich the content on Punjabi language Wikimedia projects, which also train the students to access the information in vernacular languages and contribute to the world wide web.
  • To help students to develop internet and information literacy, that would help them thrive in the 21st century.

Some of the work done with the students can be found here:

A poem about the first letter of the Gurmukhi script “ੳ”
A poem about the second letter of the Gurmukhi script “ਅ”

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