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MOOC Conocimiento Abierto y Software Libre

Author: Vanbasten_23

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Summary: In cooperation with the University of Granada, Wikimedia Spain has successfully organized a module in a MOOC called “Conocimiento Abierto y Software Libre”, in which 1492 students from all over the world participated. The course took place from 2 March to 8 April 2021.

“Conocimiento Abierto y Software Libre” is a course organized by the Free Software Office with the support of the Centre for the Production of Resources for the Digital University of the University of Granada.

It has a duration of four weeks, which are divided into two modules. In the first module, we talk about the law of science, the characteristics of free software, and its relationship with intellectual property. In the second module, we talk about the importance of educating with free software. This course is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), offered openly and free of charge exclusively in Spanish. The methodology is simple and the contents do not require any previous technical level, since the language used is plain and accessible.

The evaluation method is mainly based on the completion of objective multiple-choice questionnaires, with one true answer. Once the course has been completed and passed, students can apply for an Official Certificate (subject to payment of administrative fees), which has a dual purpose: "Curricular" and "recognition of ECTS credits" (for students enrolled at the UGR).

The course is supported by a team of facilitators who answer any questions that arise during the course. In the fourth week of the course, students reach the chapter "Communities", which is made up of three parts, the second of which is called "Free knowledge: Wikipedia". In this section, Florencia Claes, Santiago Navarro, and Ángel Obregón, as members of Wikimedia Spain, have created the materials and provided support to the students.

In 2022 the MOOC will also continue to be held from 24 January to 21 February, as reflected on its website: