Education/News/July 2021/UHI Editathon celebrates 10 years as a university

University celebrates 10th anniversary with an Editathon

Author: Scott Connor

Summary: 2021 sees the 10th anniversary of the University of the Highlands and Islands. As part of the celebrations, the university hosted its first Wikimedia Editathon. Using the Editathon. The editathon formed as part of the university's 10th Anniversary celebrations.

The 2nd June saw the University of the Highlands and Islands host its first Wikimedia Editathon delivered by Wikimedia UK's Dr. Sara Thomas and Madeleine Goodall from Humanists UK. The interactive and engaging half-day event formed part of the university's 10th Anniversary celebrations with participants creating Wikipedia articles about UHI Alumni. In addition to promoting the university and its notable alumni, participants were also upskilled in the use of Wikipedia and Wikimedia in their learning and teaching, something they will hopefully incorporate into their practice. The event has also initiated further interest in the other fantastic suite of offerings by Wikimedia. At the end of the event, 3 articles were published with a few more in the pipeline.

Articles created:

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