Education/News/June 2020/Understanding Wikimedia Affiliates Evaluation in Education Report

Understanding Wikimedia Affiliates Evaluation in Education Report

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Summary: This report provides insights into current evaluation trends for education work in the Wikimedia Movement, what can be improved, and how the Education Team can support the community.

Understanding Wikimedia Affiliates Evaluation in Education

In the second half of 2019 until early this year, the Education Team conducted a research about Wikimedia Education’s affiliates practices around data collection and evaluation. We interviewed 7 Wikimedia affiliates who have done amazing work in including Wikimedia projects into their education activities. The topic of the interviews revolved around the methods of evaluating affiliates’ education activities, how they perceive impact, and the challenges they are facing when collecting data to measure their impact within their community.At the end of the report, the Education Team recommended three main action items on how to better support the community’s evaluation practices based on the evidence collected. We concluded that we must support the community to build up experience and capacity in diverse data collection methods to demonstrate Wikimedia’s impact in education better.

You can read more about the findings and the rest of the report here:

Again, massive thanks to Wikimedia Armenia, Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedia Serbia, Wikimedia Indonesia, Wikimedia Taiwan, The Center for Internet and Society (CIS) Bangalore, and Wikimedia User Group Egypt for their participation and sharing their invaluable insights that helped us understand better about their work and evaluation practices!