Education/News/June 2021/Wiki-School program in Poland at the end of school year

Wikipedia makes children and teachers happy!

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Summary: Sweet taste and clarity of knowledge ― Wikipedia's gadgets as gifts at the end of the school year! This is how Wikimedia Polska has completed the pilot phase of the nationwide Wiki-school program.

Schools from all over Poland that participated in the Wikiszkoła program, received special packages for participating in the classes. The Education team at Wikimedia Polska sent bags with logos and graphics from Wikimedia Education resources; and in the bags, students found wonderful wiki-jelly beans and pendants with the Wikipedia logo! We hope to finally meet these schools live after the summer holidays when we will be handing out special educational packs and will be training them in their use during the lessons. And what kind od projects the schools did? For example, the students and the teacher from Primary School no. 130 in Cracow realized that Wikiemdia Commons has no photos of their neighborhood where they go to school. Two districts (1, 2) of a big city without good representation in such a large repository as Wikimedia Commons? They were off to take photos and upload to Commons! Check it out.

Similarly did young students from Nowy Dwór Gdański (the Primary School no.2): the historic area from the northern Poland photographed by the eyes of 11-12 year olds gave results in the collection of photos taken during the day and night. Check it out. Both groups took part in online meetings with Wikipedian to learn about Wikipedia rules, how to edit, upload photos, signing in the project etc.