Education/News/March 2019/Education Mapping exercise is open for public review

Education Mapping exercise is open for public review

Author: Sailesh Patnaik

Social Media channels or hashtags: @WikimediaEdu #WikimediaEducation

Summary: In 2018 the Education team worked with two interns on mapping education activities in the Wikimedia movement. They worked for a total of two months from July to September 2018. The education team is planning to open the document for public review by the end of March.


The resulting mapping document seeks to serve as a centralized resource for anyone who wants to start a program similar to the existing ones or to reach out to community leaders previously involved in education initiatives.

The interns found that the documentation of the education activities is disseminated across various projects and platforms of the movement with varying degrees of information available, therefore mapping the global education activities was not an easy task. However, at the end of their internship both of them were able to identify and record 98 education initiatives in the movement.

The resulting mapping spreadsheet is still missing information about some of the education activities and it also needs a public review of the documented information. The education team is planning to share the spreadsheet with the community, and we’re planning to co-lead this activity with the Education UG and other community members. The expertise and feedback from the community will help us to update the spreadsheet and create an accessible resource for everyone in the movement and outside of it.

The mapping spreadsheet can be accessed here for public review with a comment-only option. If you find your activity is missing in this, Please add your activity by filling this Google Form. Please read the privacy statement by the team for filling the form. In case of any questions, Please reach out to SPatnaik﹫

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