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Enhancing Armenian Wikipedia with professional articles

Tamara Grigoryan

Gayane Margaryan is a former student of dancing art college. As being a student she felt lack of Armenian qualified online content about dancing art. Now she tries to fill this gap for other students by editing on Wikipedia.

Gayane Margaryan is one of the most active editors of Karvachar’s Wikiclub. She joined the community of Armenian Wikiclub in July, 2019. Since that time she managed to create about 20 qualified articles on Armenian Wikipedia.

Gayane has graduated from Stepanakert dance college after Charles Aznavour. During her education at the college she felt the lack of qualified Armenian online content about dance.

“As being a student I was searching about dancing art and had the same problem: the lack of Armenian content is obvious. When I heard about the opportunity to edit on Wikipedia, I realized that I can somehow fill this gap also on Wikipedia. Before starting editing I already knew the first main articles which needed to be writen”.

After each article Gayane takes 3-4 new important topics to write further.

While editing Gayane not only shares her knowledge but also studies herself. “Editing helps me become more skilled in translating. This process helps me get more knowledge not only about the foreign language but also about my native language”.

The editor underlines:

“It’s important to be professional of the sphere. Often while editing I imagine this or that position or movement in certain type of dance, I am not only just translating but also include my knowledge in the articles to make them more reliable and available for the readers”.

Besides editing on Wikipedia and sharing the knowledge online, Gayane also tells about dance and prominent dancers during meetings with Karvachar wikiclub young editors. A month ago in frame of the Karvachar Wikiclub’s events called “Meeting with art” Gayane told about the founder of modern ballet Jean-Georges Noverre and about his reforms. She edited the article about Noverre on Armenian Wikipedia before.

Gayane is sure that the students of dance colleges and universities will use her articles.

“I am sure these articles will be useful for the students, because while being a student I needed them very much”.

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