Education/News/March 2020/Wikimedia Argentina carried out the first training program in education and Human Rights for the Wikimedia Movement

Wikimedia Argentina carried out the first training program in education and Human Rights for the Wikimedia Movement

Author: Luisina Ferrante and Florencia Guastavino

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Summary: From March 2 to 6, the first Wikimedia Argentina “Training program: education and Human Rights in the Wikimedia Movement” was held in Buenos Aires. We summarize in this article all this great experience

From March 2 to 6, the first Wikimedia Argentina training program for the Wikimedia Movement was held in Buenos Aires. Six representatives of the Wikimedia Movement from Latin America participated in the “Training program: education and Human Rights in the Wikimedia Movement”. Participants were from the User Groups Wikimedistas de Bolivia and Wikimedistas de Ecuador and from the chapters Wikimedia Venezuela, Wikimedia Colombia, Wikimedia México and Wikimedia Chile.

The program was designed as a space for work and mutual exchange between the experiences that take place in each country, with the aim of learning from others to enhance our local and regional work. During the five days, we work from a participatory approach, addressing the strengths and challenges that each chapter or group of users has in order to develop proposals at the local level.

Each day, a specific theme was addressed. During the first day, we analyzed the same aspects that our work has, as being part of the same continent, and the challenges that this presents us when thinking about our work strategies. On the second day, Constanza Verón, head of the Wikimedia Argentina Communities Program, worked on the importance of identifying our communities and getting to know them, for the design of specific projects. The third and fourth day we work from the Education and Human Rights Program. First, we think about why Wikimedia tools are tools in education and we define what means to do educational activities with Wikimedia projects. Then, we think of the figure of the teacher as key in our activities and we analyze the importance of knowing our educational contexts. Also, we presented the importance of carrying out a Human Rights perspective within the educational program and discussed the implication of working from a Human Rights perspective in the Wikimedia Movement.

To end the program, each participant worked on developing an individual project designed from the discussions and exchanges we had, to implement in their local context. The choice of the type of project and the target audience was evaluated by each participant according to their specific context.

In addition, in one of the sessions we had the virtual presence of Melissa, Program Officer of WF Education Program, who approached us with the proposals that exist from the program and listened carefully to our doubts and suggestions. Also, the days had instances of recreation: we carried out a cultural tour on the history of Buenos Aires and we met other Wikimedians from Argentina at our community meeting.

This first face-to-face meeting of #Fellow2020 was great to joint work with wikimedistas in the region, with the aim of strengthening our educational proposals in and from our own contexts. These activities were just the beginning of networking, we will continue to accompany each of the individual projects with the aim that they are all carried out.