Education/News/May 2019/Wikimedia Experience Survey by VVIT WikiConnect

Wikimedia Experience Survey by VVIT WikiConnect

Summary: The Wiki-club at VVIT, VVIT WikiConnect started forming with the first ever edit-a-thon in college in September 2017. Though we are working and based in an educational system, have several workshops and skill-building activities for students, the work and our plan are not the regular Wikipedia Education Program, which has definite learning objectives. Though club functions as an extra-curricular aspect, it has produced several editors who are actively contributing to various Wikimedia projects. Following the suggestion from Tito (CIS-A2K), we have launched and completed to survey to understand how the entire experience of being involved with Wikimedia has been to active editors. MNavya and Nivas10798 led the survey, and took the support of Esh77 to design the survey.

Highlights of the survey are
  • 65% of the survey respondents spend less than four hours a week contributing to Wikimedia projects, and the rest spend more than four hours.
  • More than 85% responded that their collaborative skills highly improve after being involved in Wikimedia projects (rating 4 and above).
  • More than 68% of respondents were happy to notice a lot of improvement in their skills (rating 4 and above), while 8.3% felt that they had only improved their skills very little.
  • 25% of respondents agreed to the statement that participating in Wikimedia projects had a positive effect on them. About 58% of volunteers rated above 4.
  • 50% of respondents claimed that they were highly motivated to edit Wikimedia projects (rating 4 and above).
  • There weren't any notable reasons that lower motivation or inhibit from contributing to Wikimedia projects.