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EduWiki challenge México by Wikimedia México

Social Media channels or hashtags: @Wikimedia_mx @WikimediaEdu #EduWiki

Summary: EduWiki challenge México is an activity that organizes and coordinates of Wikimedia México and is part of the #EduWiki challenge initiative of the Wikimedia Education team as COVID19 emergency response. The audience for this activity was teachers, students and parents and guardians.

The purpose of this proposal is to invite the educational communities of each country or region to get to know and participe in each of the foundation’s projects -Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Wikivoyage and Wikiquote- in the educational field through weekly challenges. The challenges consisted in the use of emojis, the creation of encyclopedic articles, the elaboration of stories in relation to an image, the upload and release of multimedia material, adding new travel destinations and writing letters to loved ones with the use of textual quotes, as well as sharing new educational proposals through the use of Wikimedia projects.

This type of activities allows us to identify and think about our communities, their contexts and the resources they have with the determination to generate appropriate pedagogical proposals for virtual and face-to-face environments