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Sharing Wikimedia Education Projects in the Philippines

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Summary: With the help of the Wikimedia Education Team and several educators in the Wikimedia community, Quipper Philippines organized a two free webinars to around 200 teachers in the Philippines to bring awareness on the use of Wikimedia projects in the classroom.

How to Become Digital Citizens with Wikimedia-based project-learning

The presentation was supposedly a presentation to a local education technology conference in the Philippines. However, the conference got canceled due to the COVID-19. Since publishing companies in the Philippines provide free webinars to teachers around the Philippines, an opportunity to share the supposedly canceled presentation through Quipper's network opened.

Carlo, a Wikimedian from the Philippines and Quipper employee provided a presentation on what are the Wikimedia projects and how teachers in the Philippines could use Wikimedia projects, particularly, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Digital literacy skills were also integrated per Wikimedia project task. Teachers were also taught how to properly reuse and cite Creative Commons licensed materials in Wikimedia Commons. Ingrid Thomson, librarian at the University of Cape Town, also shared how they were able to incorporate Wikimedia projects, such as the #1lib1ref, in Africa. Vasanthi Hargyono from the Education Team also shared the Wikimedia Education response to COVID-19 particularly the lesson plans for remote learning. Imelda Brazal, Reading Wikipedia Philippines local coordinator for the Wikimedia Foundation, also shared the current community project on Reading Wikipedia and invited schools in the Bicol and Pangasinan area to join the projects.