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Report from Wikimedians of Albanian Language UG


Author: Greta [User: Margott]

Wiki Berat
Podujeve workshop Oct 2018


Wikipedia in Education in Albanian and Kosovo. As part of our Simple Annual Budget, Wikieducation is one of our main projects. Some of the projects that we have done during the first 6 months are:

UBT university partnership and setting the memorandum in Pristina


We will be working with an instructor at UBT to integrate Wikipedia editing in Contemporary Art Phenomena class. As part of this cooperation we will deliver around 5 workshops, with around 100 students involved, hoping to get around 30 new articles. We are working in setting a memorandum of cooperation with UBT university, integrating Wikipedia editing in classes syllabus.

Contacting Unviersities in other cities of Albania


We have already contacted 2 universities in Tirana and 1 in Durres. The 3 of them are positive to have at least one edit-a-thon, which are planned to happen starting from January.

University of Prishtina partnership


We will be working with an instructor at University of Prishtina Faculty of Education to integrate Wikipedia in two classes: Professional development of teachers, and project management as an extra credit assignment, involving around 50 students from which we hope to get 15 new articles.

Partnership with American School of Kosova High School Initial contact has been made. A meeting is scheduled on October 18th to discuss further cooperation opportunities. 2 workshops will be delivered from this partnership. When the project is completed successfully by the students, we plan to do a TV story for the afternoon or morning show, as a success story of young students.

High Schools in Albania


Cooperation with Babe Dude Karbunara high school and 21 Tetori high school in Berat, Albania as part of our Partnership with American Corps Albania. Also as part of the Education program, in Albania we have a collaboration with Peace Corps. We are working with students and pupils who work with part of the program to improve education. Currently working with 2 high schools in Berat. One workshop and 2 edit-a-thons are already done, and we are setting up one WikiClub. The main project to work on will be Wikipedia Shqip and Wikidata. We have also done an introduction with around 40 teachers from all Albania and have at least 2 workshops till the end of the year.

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