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Wiki conference for teachers in Ohrid


Author: Violetova

The booklet used for the teachers

Summary: Wiki conference for teachers was held in Ohrid where 67 teachers from that area of the Republic of Macedonia were trained to use and edit Wikipedia.

On 16 November 2018 GLAM Macedonia organized Wiki conference for teachers in Ohrid, in front of 67 teachers coming from that area of the Republic of Macedonia. The interest in participation was significant, as we expected. Three speakers, all members of GLAM Macedonia, two of them teachers in the real life, gave introductory talks about Wikipedia and the teaching process. Speakers in the conference were:

A survey of the meeting participants was held after the event, and the results were surprising: 42% of participants said that they are ready to use in the classroom what they learned about, 25 participants want to join the GLAM Macedonia activities, and 72% of participants found the booklet "How instructors are teaching with Wikipedia" useful.

The link of project page on with the program and whole results from the survey.

This was the third Wiki conference for teachers organized by GLAM Macedonia, and around 210 teachers have been trained so far.