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Wikipedia Education Program in ICETC 2018 , Japan


Author: Mohammed Galib Hasan

Summary: One selected Presentation was presented on Wikipedia- Advanced and authentic educational tool in International Conference On Education Technology And Computers(ICETC 2018) which was held from 26-28 October in Tokyo, Japan. About 93 participants joined the Conference and 17 participants joined this session under the Category Engineering Education & Learning where this author presented 20 minutes about Wikipedia Education Program, Its Goals, Way of Work, along with Question & Answer session.

In this Conference the main Objectives of this Presentation were to make potential Outreach activities in Wikipedia Education Program as well as present the Presentation on the Selected topic which was done by me. One of the Objectives was to make the audience knowledgeable about Wiki Projects. The following presentation Contains some slides from those, it was possible to remove some myths related to Wikipedia. The Conference's got another importance in a different way as it is one of the key conferences in the Asian region, it included some focal points of Education in Asia. And after the Presentation there were some communication Educators from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Africa, Brasil, who found some interest in it. Perhaps this type of Outreach activities will increase more awareness in the faculties as well as among the Educators to bring out some potential Outcome to Wikimedia Movement.

Tags:Wikipedia Education program, Wikipedia Workshop, Education Outreach