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Wikipedia has become the inseparable part of my daily life


Author:Aren Dzavaryan, Dato Abuladze, Violla Mosikyan (Wikimedia Armenia)

Summary: This a story of one of the active editors of Alaverdi WikiClub - Aren Dzavaryan.

Aren and Mane, editors of Alaverdi WikiClub

Hi! I'm Aren, one of the most active participants in Alaverdi WikiClub. I attach great importance to the role of the WikiClub in our community Alaverdi, as there was a shortage of educational groups and places of entertainment. However, thanks to the Wikimedia Armenia and our dear coordinator Narine it became a reality. Working in the WikiClub I consider one of my commitments. We develop and reinforce our linguistic thinking, enhance our knowledge base, at the same time deliver them to wiki readers and contribute to the development of Armenian Wikipedia.

I have already written ten articles. Art is the basic sphere of my editing - songs, musicians, films. I also like editing about geographical names. I often came across names of cities during the lessons of geography, the articles of which didn’t exist in Armenian Wikipedia. And now I assist in adding information about cities/towns myself.

Recently, when I came to the WikiClub as usual, Narine gave me happy news saying that I was recognized as the best editor of the previous month. I think the title is obligating and more inspiring. Any participant deserving that title must prove his/her worthiness by the quality of articles.

I have already integrated into our WikiClub and I’m so happy for that. Wikipedia has become the inseparable part of my daily life. I’ll be happy that many of our community members know about our club. I myself deal with the involvement of responsible, smart members.

Another positivity of the WikiClub is making new friends, who are so knowledgeable and ideologically rich to talk to them endlessly.

With love, Alaverdi WikiClub member, Aren Dzavaryan

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