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Spreading Free Knowledge in the Land of Minangkabau

Author: Raymond, Translator: Amy

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Summary: Wikimedia Indonesia signed Memorandum of Understanding with 2 universities in Padang, West Sumatra to enrich Minangkabau local content in Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Indonesia recently signed more collaboration agreements with two universities in Padang, West Sumatra in order to support the bebaskan pengetahuan or free the knowledge mission in Tanah Minang (The Land of Minangkabau). These universities are Universitas Andalas (UNAND) and Universitas Putra Indonesia “YPTK” (UPI YPTK). These collaborations deals with the Education program of Wikimedia Indonesia, such as WikiLatih (Wikipedia workshop), Wiki Masuk Sekolah (Wiki Goes to School), and also Wikidata workshop.

The signing of the MoU between Wikimedia Indonesia and UNAND took place in October 22, 2019. The Chair of Wikimedia Indonesia, the Coordinator of Wikimedia Indonesia Education Program, the Head of Faculty of Cultural Science, the Head of Minangkabau Department, some Wikimedia Indonesia volunteers, and some students of Minangkabau Department were present in the event.

Pramono, the Head of Minangkabau Department said that university had always been stigmatized as “menara gading” or a place that was regarded as “exclusive or not close to society.” Therefore, the university expected to give more to society by contributing to Wikipedia, especially things that are related to local content, such as content about Minangkabau, in Minangkabau Wikipedia.

In fact, this collaboration is not the first-time collaboration between Wikimedia Indonesia and UNAND. Wikimedia Indonesia and UNAND had actually collaborated since 2018, for the Wiki Masuk Kampus (Wiki Goes to University) program, with 114 participants. The program was held in 3 classes of Minangkabau Department, all of which were taught by Pramono.

The next day, in October 23, 2019, Wikimedia Indonesia signed the MoU with UPI YPTK. The MoU covers the collaboration with the library of UPI YPTK. The event was held alongside the graduation ceremony of UPI YPTK that was attended by all of the academic staff, about 700 graduates, as well as their parents.

Wikimedia Indonesia and UPI YPTK agreed to organize Wikipedia and Wikidata workshops to librarians as well as the academic staff of the university. The university also expressed their wish to create a “Wiki Corner” in the library, which intends to introduce Wikipedia to the visitors.

UPI YPTK itself is one of the private universities that has the advantage in the IT field, primarily computers. Wikimedia Indonesia Community in Padang once held a Wikipedia workshop in this university and the workshop was a success. Thus, through this collaboration, and the MoU signing, Wikimedia Indonesia hopes that Wikipedia, as well as other Wikimedia projects will be more known among UPI YPTK academics, thus they can contribute more to enrich the content of Wikipedia.