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Workshops with Wiki Club members

Authors: Violetova, MB

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Summary: Two workshops in October 2019 are proofs for a successful way of engaging students. Two workshops on two totally different topics resulted with expanding new horizons for the students and potential base for further contribution on Wikipedia.

Meet Hungary Workshop

On 25th and 29th October 2019, GLAM Macedonia held two workshops with the members of Wiki Club in Skopje. The first one was in collaboration with NGO Teledom from Skopje, on Hungarian topics, and the second one in collaboration with NGO Biovita from Kavadarci, on organic food topics. The working atmosphere was on excellent level during both workshops, the young Wiki Club members were devoted and highly interested in the topics. They have chosen to collaborate, and as a result some quite good new articles on were created after the workshops.

The students were introduced to the subject by the guests. Hungarians who live in Macedonia spoke about the beauty of the touristic places in Budapest, which was the starting point for students to search missing articles and create them. On the organic food subject, we invited an expert of organic production of food. This lecture triggered big interest to the students, who asked many questions on the theme and expressed willingness to deepen their knowledge on organic food production, availability on the market, scientific research and what is most important to us, contribute Wikipedia with articles related to the organic food production and cultivation.

Organic Food Workshop