Education/News/November 2020/Cooperation in digital education – Wikimedia Polska conference

About Cooperation in digital education - Wikimedia Polska conference during the Open Access Week

Author: Klara Sielicka-Baryłka (WMPL)

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Summary: On October 24, 2020, during the Open Access Week, the education department of Wikimedia Polska organized a one-day online conference entitled Cooperation in digital education.

The conference focused on the theme: "Cooperation in digital education". The first part was entitled: "Hybrid teaching and learning – is it possible and how?". In the second part of the meeting we talked about "How to learn, how to teach – in the classroom and outside the classroom". The whole meeting started with two special lectures commemorating the person and work of Sir Ken Robinson, the recently deceased education innovator. For the first time, we directed our event to the world of education – over 160 people (teachers and educators from all over Poland) registered for the conference. University lecturers agreed to present as keynotes, and teachers also gave their speeches as well as Wikipedians (the topic of Wikidata for education, the gender gap in Wikipedia, and the topic of wiki-education in the world). Training for the newbies in editing Wikipedia took place in the evening.