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Wiki-education in the science magazine

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Summary: The article about wiki-education which has been just published in one of the top science ethnological journals in Poland, presents the general idea of Wiki-education and the situation of educational programs based on Wiki(p)media tools and capabilities in four countries.

The paper entitled Wikipedia and Its Sister Projects as Important Elements of the Teaching and Learning Process – a Review of the Global Situation has just been published! The Authors are Nebojša Ratković, Paul Jerchel, Pen-Yuan Hsing, Klara Sielicka-Baryłka, so you are invited to learn about the situation in Serbia, Germany, the USA, and Poland. Each part of this article has illustrations carefully chosen by the authors, also there is a list of references below each chapter: so dive in, learn, and feel joy. The journal Łódzkie Studia Etnograficzne is present in many databases like Scopus, EBSCO, DOAJ, etc. ISSN 2450-5544 is its serial number. You can download and read the whole volume no.59 here. We are particularly pleased because we were specially invited to co-create the volume by the Editorial Office, and the reviews we received during the work were very positive. It should be noted that the first versions of the text were written just before the pandemic and the final versions refer to the pre-pandemic situation. However, in a short conclusion, we mentioned the current situation in education in connection with COVID-19.