Education/News/October 2019/Wikimedia Chile launched its new online course for school teachers

Wikimedia Chile launched its new online course for school teachers

Author: Patricia Díaz Rubio (WMCL)

Social Media channels or hashtags: @wikimedia_cl #WikipediaEnLaSala

Summary: The course "Wikipedia en la Sala" is a full online 4 weeks program, and it proposes a new approach to the pedagogical use of Wikipedia.

Wiki en el aula. October, 2019.

This October, Wikimedia Chile launched a new version of "Wikipedia en la Sala" ("Wikipedia in the classroom"), its online course for school teachers. The course will be focused on how teachers can incorporate and experience digital tools, such as those developed by Wikimedia projects, to create a new "digital culture" in their classrooms, whether they have access to Internet or not.

"Wikipedia en la Sala" will last 4 weeks. The course is structured in 4 items or units, and it includes 3 webinar sessions, reading material, tutorial videos and the possibility for participants of sharing experiences with other teachers and members of our Wikimedia local community. At the end of the course, teachers will be ask to propose a project that they could eventually develop with their students. Best projects will be supported by Wikimedia Chile during 2020.