Education/News/September 2018/“I have always liked literature, now I like it even more thanks to Wikipedia”. Literature is in the air of WikiClubs․

“I have always liked literature, now I like it even more thanks to Wikipedia”. Literature is in the air of WikiClubs․


Author: Wikimedia Armenia

“A meeting with art”, Arevatsag Wikiclub

Summary: The article tells about the literary events organized in Wikimedia Armenia WikiClubs.

WikiClubs are not only a place to edit Wikimedia projects but also a place to organize informative-cognitive events which can be related to Wikiprojects either directly or indirectly. The aim of such events are quite diverse - to motivate the clubbers to edit in Wikipedia, to broaden the editing thematics, etc.

In July, Arevatsag, Ddmashen and Karvachar WikiClubs of Wikimedia Armenia organized literary evenings dedicated to famous Armenian and foreign writers and their works.

During “A meeting with art” event organized at Karvachar WikiClub the clubbers got acquainted with Armenian outstanding poet Yeghishe Charents biography and his literary path. Lena Ghazaryan who has presented the author to the audience assures that it is during such events that they realize how much they know about this or that writer or artist. “If we hear something that we have already learned before, it stays in our memories permanently”, adds the clubber, “I wish we had 2 such meetings in a month. It is pleasant both to learn and to tell about the authors”. Another member of the same WikiClub - Liana Mkrtchyan says that the events of such format help to memorize the information. Liana is going to present one of the well-known artists to her fellow clubbers because as she stays such evenings are not only useful but also cool.

The other WikiClub - Ddmashen WikiClub, hold an edit-a-thon dedicated to Armenian and Russian poets Yeghishe Charents and Maxim Gorky the aim of which was to create and improve articles about the poets’ works. But the main purpose of the event was to make the editing process in Wikipedia more interesting and attractive. Before working on the article the clubbers read the corresponding literary works, the analytical and critical materials related to them, watched films and videos which helped to make the articles more informative. One of the participants of the edit-a-thon - Ani Shavarshyan says that the event not only made the editing process more interesting but also gave a chance to get acquainted with Gorky’s works which are translated into Armenian by Yeghishe Charents. “Of course the event has an educational background and I would like to continue the editing of literary works as they promote the development of educational content on Wikipedia”, says Ani. Another member of the WikiClub - Siranush Shmavonyan says that thanks to this edit-a-thon she liked the Russian literature. “You know I have always liked literature, now I like it even more thanks to Wikipedia”, says Siranush and adds that the literary events organized in their club have helped her to learn many things which she hadn’t managed to do at school during classes.

Edit-a-thon at Arevatsag Wikiclub

The 9th grade students of Arevatsag WikiClub who have just begun studying Russian literature have created and improved various articles about the works of famous Russian poets Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov.

Clubber Nane Voskanyan says that she has improved the articles of those works which had very little information in Armenian Wikipedia and were included in their school curriculum. Another participant of the event - Nane Vardanyan states, “By editing on Wikipedia I realized that it is pleasant to help people in getting information”, then she adds, “I am very happy that I have my small contribution in it”.

Wikimedia Armenia intends to organize more informative-cognitive events at WikiClubs which will promote the thematic diversity of the created articles as well as will encourage the development of the local wikimedia community.

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