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Stepanakert WikiClub turns 4!

Author: Safi-iren

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Stepanakert WikiClub turns 4 this year. During these 4 years we have had a lot of challenges and obstacles to overcome and to become the first wikiclub opened in Artsakh. Two more wikiclubs have been opened following us and now after 4 years of hard working we are more than 260 wikipedians in all Artsakh. We have edited more than 3000 articles in Armenian Wikipedia, most of them are about Artsakh (history, art, monuments, villages, events etc.).

Stepanakert Wikiclub plays a crucial role in school and university students’ life and it is a very important platform for self development, self-education, as well as improving translating skills, learning interesting things and of course becoming a part of the great wikiցommunity.

As this year our wikiclub turns 4 we were invited to the residence of the president of the Republic of Artsakh to meet with President of the Republic of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan and Minister of Education, Science and Sport Narine Aghabalyan. During the meeting, President of Wikimedia Armenia Susanna Mkrtchyan introduced the activities of Wikimedia and Wikipedia movements and touched upon what had been done during these years in Artsakh. I, in my turn, as a co-founder and coordinator of Stepanakert Wikiclub, talked about wikipedians of our wikiclub and about prospects of involving more and more young people in this education program. With the President and the Minister we discussed the idea of having wikiclubs in every village and small town in Artsakh and what can we do to realize all these projects. In his turn Mr. President expressed his gratitude for our work and expressed his willingness and support to make wikimovement in Artsakh wider. As a conclusion of our meeting we agreed with Mrs. Minister to start some wikiprojects with high support of the authorities of the Republic of Artsakh.

After the official meeting we met with the main heroes of our special day, with wikipedians of Stepanakert Wikiclub where S. Mkrtchyan had a very motivational speech with all wikipedians of our wikiclub and talked about new projects where our school and university students can be involved. We also touched upon about the latest trip to Martouni region where we took photos for Wiki Loves Monuments photo competition. After that we, as usual, had our Birthday Cake and of course our group photo near our wikiTree.

The day was amazing...Official meetings and non-official parts of our great wikiday were well organized and full of happiness and good emotions. During these 4 years we became more than just friends we became a family where everyone has its unique role and everyone is very important to our wikiclub and to me particularly.

Happy Birthdaaaay, Stepanakert WikiClub !!!