Education/Newsletter/April 2013/Czech program flourishes

Czech education program Studenti píší Wikipedii (Students Write Wikipedia) kicked another term in early spring of 2013 and the number of projects seems to grow unstoppably every day. According to our project page, nine projects are running right now. We are pleased that the projects are scattered all over the major cities of the Czech Republic and also vary in their topic. From various fields of natural science to social studies, we now cover all major branches of human knowledge. It now may seem as if the teachers have prearranged - last term, students from Olomouc's Faculty of Arts wrote about Baroque churches, while current students of architecture from Prague will concentrate on Gothic churches. It is just a coincidence but it shows that the subjects are getting covered. Also, we regularly post updates on our Facebook page and write articles in university newspapers and nationwide journals - this helps to adress new motivated teachers.

Students Write Wikipedia