Education/Newsletter/April 2014/LiAnna Davis joins Wiki Ed as head of communications and external relations

LiAnna Davis left the Wikimedia Foundation and joined Frank Schulenburg and Jami Mathewson at the Wiki Education Foundation, a nonprofit that supports the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada, as the the Head of Communications and External Relations. As the WEP's Communications Manager, LiAnna contributed more than 50 blog posts for the Wikimedia blog and facilitated more than 150 articles about the education program for publications around the world, including the Washington Post, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Wired, and NPR. She supported many of the chapters and volunteers around the world in publicizing their own education programs. She also developed a series of popular brochures explaining best practices in using Wikipedia as a teaching tool and created numerous help resources for our students. LiAnna has been the face of the education program globally, and we will miss her.

LiAnna Davis