Education/Newsletter/April 2014/Remembering Cynthia Ashley-Nelson

Cynthia Ashley-Nelson, known on-wiki as User:Cindamuse or Cindy, passed away in her sleep while attending the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin. Cindy was one of the first Wikipedia editors to become an Online Ambassador in the U.S. program. In the first three terms of the program, Cindy supported students in more than 15 courses. She also served on the Wikipedia Ambassador Steering Committee, and was instrumental in crafting a good support structure for student editors. Although recently Cindy had focused more of her attention on other areas of the Wikimedia movement, she still supported the education program, helping student editors at the Teahouse and directing people she thought might need more help to the resources the Wikipedia Education Program provided. Cindy contributed to a wide range of topics on Wikipedia and was an advocate for closing the gender gap. She was also active on the Grant Advisory Committee and had just been elected vice-chair of the Affiliations Committee. Tributes to Cindy can be added to her talk page.

Cindamuse - Cynthia Ashley-Nelson