Education/Newsletter/April 2015/Education Program Extension enabled on Russian Wikipedia

By Anna Koval (WMF)

Education Program Extension on

In February 2015, the Education Program Extension was enabled on Russian Wikipedia. The Education Program Extension was developed by the Wikimedia Foundation to assist educators and Wikimedians in their joint efforts to support classes of students editing articles on Wikipedia. It is currently enabled on 17 Wikimedia projects: 15 language versions of Wikipedia and on 2 other Wikimedia projects, including English Wikinews and German Wikiversity.

Russian editors agreed to install the extension, and on February 15, User:Rubin16 made the official request on Phabricator. The extension has been deployed to the project and is already being used by the community. One institution -- Петрозаводский государственный университет -- and one course -- Интернет-математика -- have already been added at Special:Institutions. User:AKA MBG is the instructor. User:Rubin16 is the online volunteer. This will be User:AKA MBG's fourth year teaching in the education program, but this term will be the first time teaching with the extension.

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